Police rebut ungrounded claims

September 20, 2019

Police today said many claims about its actions and officers are unfounded.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the statement at a press conference today.


Mr Tse said ungrounded reports in the media and online are making strong accusations about Police.


“Such wild talks include Mainland cops infiltrating Hong Kong Police, and our officers committing rapes and even murders.


“We must emphasise, not only are these allegations totally false and ungrounded, they are inciting public hatred and tearing our society apart. No civilised society will condone such acts.


“If certain people feel aggrieved by police actions, we appeal to them to come forward and make a formal report.”


Mr Tse said the claim that no police officers were injured during the violent incident in the Legislative Council on July 1 is false, adding 14 officers were injured.


Regarding another claim that police officers sexually harassed female arrestees, Mr Tse stressed that Police have very strict guidelines on the handling of detainees.


“Such unnamed, unverified and untrue allegations are very irresponsible and biased against Police.”


As to the claim that a female was blinded in one eye by beanbag rounds fired by Police, Mr Tse said the case is still under investigation.


“We are really eager to find out the truth, but that lady tried very hard to deter us from doing so. Since the investigation is ongoing, no one is in a position to make any conclusions.”


Responding to the Hong Kong Journalists Association’s statement issued on September 16 claiming police officers were favouring one party when enforcing the law during a violent incident on September 15, Mr Tse said the accusation is totally false.


“Indeed, even before the statement was issued, I said during the 4pm press conference that we arrested 29 people, two of which were arrested on the spot for assaulting reporters.


“So far we have arrested 33 people involved in the violent incident in North Point, five of which were arrested for assaulting reporters.”

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