Police ensure public safety

September 16, 2019

Police have severely condemned radical protesters’ violent acts, adding that they will continue to take resolute enforcement actions to safeguard public safety and bring all lawbreakers to justice.


In a statement today, Police said a large group of protesters participated in unlawful assemblies in various districts on Hong Kong Island yesterday, despite the force's objections.


They blocked roads illegally, hurled petrol bombs at the Central Government Offices and at police officers, set fires at multiple locations and attacked other people, including reporters.


Police severely condemned such violent acts which disregarded law and order.


A notice of objection was issued against a public event on Hong Kong Island yesterday. However, a large number of people took part in a protest in Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay in the afternoon.


They illegally blocked roads and paralysed traffic on Hong Kong Island. Later, some protesters set fire to objects outside MTR Admiralty and Wan Chai stations and broke Admiralty Centre's glass with iron poles and hard objects.


Some radical protesters used slingshots to hurl bricks and objects towards the Central Government Offices, while some threw petrol bombs which severely threatened the safety of people at the scene. 


Having given repeated warnings but in vain, officers conducted dispersal operations with appropriate force. Tear gas, rubber bullets, 40mm react rounds and specialised crowd management vehicles were deployed to stop the protesters' violent acts.


At 5.45pm, around 20 radical protesters attacked two police officers and hurled petrol bombs at them near the junction of Gloucester Road and Marsh Road in Wan Chai, seriously threatening the officers' safety.


Later, the protesters hurled petrol bombs at police officers outside MTR Wan Chai Station and Police Headquarters, posing a serious danger to people at the scene.


At 8pm, some people gathered outside MTR Fortress Hill Station. Some of them were holding folding stools and iron hammers and argued with others. Fights broke out.


Moreover, in various North Point locations there were attacks and fights involving weapons with a number of people injured. At 11pm, Police deployed tear gas to stop the violence.

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