Unite against violence: Police

September 12, 2019

Police today called on citizens to stand together to stamp out violence, adding that acts of intimidation and bullying against people holding different views will not be tolerated.


Making the remarks during a press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung said: “Over the past two months, certain large-scale public events have been hijacked by a small group of radical protesters and often descended into mass destruction of properties and brutal attacks on police officers."


Mr Tse said in contrast to this, small events initiated by some people in the past two nights to express their views were relatively peaceful. But there were still minor clashes.


“People who held different views were publicly intimidated and assaulted, even small children were bullied.


“Police do not tolerate such acts and will enforce the law professionally, bringing all offenders to justice.”


He also called on citizens to unite to stamp out violence.


“Public order and stability have always been the foundation of Hong Kong. Although such a foundation has been shaken to the core by violent protests in the past two months, we believe the majority of the general public would like to see Hong Kong get back on track.


“The views of a small group of radical protesters do not represent the views of all Hong Kong people. We should all stand together to stamp out violence.”

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