Be cautious of fake news

September 10, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Executive Carrie Lam called on the public to be extremely cautious of fake news and rumours online.


Ahead of today’s Executive Council meeting, Mrs Lam noted there were a lot of fake news, rumours or speculations circulating on social media in the past few months.


She said: “I would advise that if any of these rumours, allegations or speculations concern breaches of the law - in other words, somebody suspects that offences have been made - then they should report it to Police.


“Every one of us - including government officials, because we are also receiving a lot of those information circulating on social media - we have to be extremely cautious in ascertaining whether it is accurate.”


She added the Information Services Department had created a page on the website to clarify rumours concerning the Government.


“As far as the Government is concerned, if those rumours and speculations concern any government operations, decisions or activities, then we have a duty to come up and provide the clarification.


“If you go to the Information Services Department's website, we have created a special section to provide that sort of timely clarifications in order to stop those unfounded rumours and speculations from being widely circulated on social media.”

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