Violence affects livelihoods

September 9, 2019

Police have warned that the random and rampant destruction of infrastructure seriously affects ordinary citizens’ livelihoods.


Speaking at a press conference today, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung noted that 40 traffic lights were damaged across the city and many MTR stations were left in ruins over the weekend.


Mr Tse said: "We must bear in mind if intense and extensive violence is used by protesters, everyone in society is the loser.


"Please also spare some thought for the vulnerable groups, like the disabled and people in wheelchairs who are innocent victims suffering in silence."


He also noted the reconstruction of infrastructure does not happen overnight and that it takes a lot of time to repair the damage.


"So for society to recover, it is high time to halt all violence right now. We must stand firm to stamp out violence."

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