No voting on bill withdrawal

September 5, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.) 


Chief Executive Carrie Lam made it clear today that the fugitive bill would be withdrawn in the Legislative Council with no debate or voting.
She made the statement after the Government announced yesterday it would formally withdraw the bill.
“Since my announcement, I notice that there are still some worries about this particular procedure. I want to reiterate here that the sole purpose of the Legislative Council procedure is to withdraw the bill.
“This involves the Secretary for Security as the responsible government official to announce in LegCo that the bill will be withdrawn. There will be no debate and no voting.”
When responding to questions about the timing of the withdrawal, Mrs Lam asserted the move is a way to encourage dialogue. 
“This is a formal withdrawal of the bill, although it doesn’t make a difference in substance because there has been no plan whatsoever since my earlier announcement to resume the bill.

“So despite being no difference in substance, this is going to be a useful measure for creating that basis for a dialogue. 
“Yesterday was the best timing to do it, and there should be no further speculation about why we are doing it,” she added.


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