Police exercise caution in arrests

September 4, 2019

Police must make serious considerations before allowing people who claim to be medics to administer treatment to an arrestee.


At a press conference today, Police Public Relations Branch Senior Superintendent Kong Wing-cheung made the statement in response to media enquiries about a young man who was arrested at MTR Prince Edward Station last night.


He said station staff reported to Police that a young man was spraying paint on a ticket machine at around 11pm yesterday.


Within five minutes of receiving the report, officers had arrived to arrest the man who put up a serious struggle, so they had to use appropriate force to subdue him.


“After we subdued him on the ground, probably he was not feeling well, so our officers had also summoned the assistance from the ambulancemen.”


The ambulance arrived in 15 minutes and arranged appropriate medical treatment for him.


Mr Kong noted that some citizens claimed to be medics and offered first-aid assistance before the ambulance arrived.


“I have to reiterate here that normally we have to make serious considerations before letting any of these so-called medics give any medical treatment to the arrested person because as police officers, we have the duty to ensure the safety, the security and also the medical well-being of any arrested person.


“Our officers may have difficulties in confirming whether that so-called medic has the formal qualifications to give any medical treatment to the arrested person. We could not confirm whether he really could help the situation.”

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