Youth urged to avoid violence

September 4, 2019

Police urge the public to help return Hong Kong to normalcy as the city remains enveloped in protests that are negatively impacting youngsters.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung made the appeal at today’s press briefing.


He said there were disruptive and destructive acts by protesters on Hong Kong Island and in Mong Kok and Wong Tai Sin.


Some protesters set up barricades on Lung Cheung Road before boarding a bus that was heading for Lam Tin. The bus was intercepted by Police in Kowloon Bay and a total of 33 people were arrested.


Concluding Police efforts to maintain law and order amid the recent spate of public order events, Mr Tse said the protests are spreading in Hong Kong like an infectious disease.


He asserted the demonstrations have triggered a negative effect on the minds of youngsters, noting that the protesters have become increasingly younger in age while the offences they commit are more serious than in previous protests.


“There is certainly no quick cure for this disease. Every person in society has a role to play in nursing Hong Kong back to health.


“We sincerely appeal to every member of the public to join us. Please make a clean break with all violent and criminal elements and put Hong Kong back on the right track.”

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