No arrests in class boycotts

September 3, 2019

Police did not make any arrests in connection with class boycotts at two schools today and yesterday.


At a press briefing this afternoon, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung said both cases were initially about noise nuisance reports.


In today’s case, Police were acting on four noise complaints concerning a school in Tai Po.


The police officers assigned to the scene found about 50 people gathering outside the school, Mr Tse said, adding that these people suddenly ran away when they saw the officers.


“Our officers gave chase just to conduct an inquiry. During the process, several people, including our officers, fell on the ground because of the slippery floor.


“Some were injured and sent to hospital for treatment and no arrests were made.”


In yesterday’s case at another school, Mr Tse said Police had not conducted a stop-and-search outside the campus to prevent students from taking part in a class boycott.


“At that time, officers were only responding to reports made to Police about noise nuisance and disorderly conduct.


“As some anti-riot officers were on standby in the vicinity, they arrived at the scene and found 30 people gathering outside the school."


He added that after an investigation, Police did not make any arrests and the incident was resolved peacefully.


Mr Tse also made it clear that no one had died during a police operation in MTR Prince Edward Station on Saturday.


“This has been confirmed by the Hospital Authority and Kwong Wah Hospital. Any online rumours that say otherwise are not only false, but are also maliciously smearing Police.”

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