Protesters' acts ruthless

September 2, 2019

Police said the ruthless acts by radical protesters over the weekend had posed a great threat to public safety, adding the public should make a clean break with them.


Police Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Mak Chin-ho made the remarks at today’s press conference, saying protesters destroyed public properties and blocked traffic by throwing petrol bombs and dismantling roadside railings.


“These radical protesters had thrown as many as 100 petrol bombs randomly across the city.


“They had thrown petrol bombs onto the streets, endangering civilians and damaging shops in the vicinity.”


Also attacked by petrol bombs were government structures including the Legislative Council Building, Central Government Complex and Police Headquarters, as well as police officers under a footbridge.


Mr Mak said compared with previous weeks, the petrol bombs used this weekend were more destructive and dangerous.


He explained that some radical protesters torched barricades and threw objects into the flames. At least two explosions were heard.


“Such acts were reckless, ruthless, posing a great threat to public safety,” Mr Mak said, noting arson is a serious offence that carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.


“We appeal to all members of the public to make a clean break with such violent and criminal elements.


“We also hope citizens will think twice before forwarding unverified information, as spreading of fake news will breed hatred.”


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