Police dismiss rumours

September 2, 2019

Police today dismissed claims that accused a police officer of using petrol bombs.


At a press briefing, Police Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Mak Chin-ho said the protester who was spotted hurling a petrol bomb in Admiralty on August 31 is not an undercover police officer.


He also expressed concern that the protester carried an imitation pistol.

Mr Mak said: “We came across a worrying scene that certain protesters were holding imitation firearms and BB bullets.
“I must emphasise using imitation weapons in such a chaotic environment is highly dangerous. It is difficult, if not impossible for officers to tell whether they are genuine firearms.
“If anyone points a firearm at any person, Police might be required to resort to appropriate force to combat the violence.”
Mr Mak also rejected another rumour that a protester was killed Saturday during an incident in the Mass Transit Railway Prince Edward Station.

“I must emphasise that there is no death resulting from the MTR violent incident as confirmed by the Hospital Authority.

“Any online rumour that says otherwise is not only false, but also malicious,” he added.


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