Police courageous under fire

September 2, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Police officers have discharged their duties with courage and commitment despite the dangers they face, Secretary for Security John Lee said today.


Mr Lee made the statement at a press conference this morning following last weekend’s protests which saw illegal acts, including the hurling of petrol bombs by protesters at Police.


“I am proud of the Hong Kong Police Force. They remain Asia’s finest because despite the dangers and the difficulties they are faced with, they still discharge their statutory duties with courage and commitment.


“This is despite the fact that petrol bombs were thrown at them, weapons were used to attack them, sharp objects were used to harm them and mobs - which outnumbered them almost to a degree of 10 to one - they still held fast to what they were required to do.”


Mr Lee also said violence and unlawful activities should not be condoned.


“Where people commit crimes and contravene the law, then action must be taken. That is our value. That is the rule of law.”


Regarding the incident in Prince Edward MTR Station on Saturday, Mr Lee said all circumstances should be taken into consideration.


Noting some violent protesters entered the station and changed their clothes, he added that Police will take action against people whom they believe have committed crimes or offences.


“I trust that Police would look at the whole case according to its circumstances, the evidence and intelligence they had, and they had taken action to deal with it in accordance with what they considered necessary to control the situation.”

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