Gov’t condemns vandalistic acts

September 1, 2019

The Government has severely condemned violent protesters’ vandalistic and illegal acts at Hong Kong International Airport and MTR stations today.


It said in a statement that despite the court issuing injunction orders to restrain people from obstructing airport and railway operations, a large number of protesters deliberately obstructed the airport’s operation with no regard for law and order.


They blocked traffic and set fires in the vicinity, seriously paralysing traffic around the airport, affecting a large number of travellers and damaging Hong Kong’s economy.


Some violent protesters threw objects at MTR railway tracks, jeopardising railway operation safety. Some wantonly vandalised MTR stations, particularly the severely damaged Tung Chung station, suspending several lines’ services.


During the protests, some people assaulted other members of the public. Some offenders burned a national flag at Tung Chung Swimming Pool, challenging national authority and the bottom line of “one country, two systems”.


The protesters totally disregarded the needs of travellers and members of the public. They threatened with violence and took malicious revenge on people with different views, innocent people and organisations. Their acts are barbaric and outrageous.


The Government severely condemns such vandalistic and illegal acts. Police will take resolute enforcement actions to protect people’s safety and rights.

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