All arrests evidence-based

August 30, 2019

Police stated their arrests are made only after ample proof is presented.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung told reporters at a press conference this afternoon that seven more people were arrested since last night for offences related to unlawful acts in the past two months.


“The timing of an arrest does not dictate our investigation.


“We will arrest a person as soon as we have gathered sufficient evidence to prove his or her offence.


“The allegation that we time our arrests is totally false.”


Mr Tse urged members of the public not to lose sight of the heart of the issue.


“The crux is very simple: if someone breaks the law, Police will bring him or her to justice.


“Police are duty-bound to preserve public safety and order. Enforcing the law is our responsibility.


“Please do not give excuses for those offenders.”


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