Police: No illegal public events

August 30, 2019

Police called on members of the public not to participate in unauthorised public events tomorrow.


Police Hong Kong Island Regional Commander Kwok Pak-chung made the appeal during a press conference today.


Police yesterday banned a public meeting and procession to be held in the Central & Western District tomorrow. The organiser then filed an appeal.


The Appeal Board on Public Meetings & Processions rejected it and upheld Police’s decision this morning.


“We are pleased with and respect the ruling. I must emphasise our objection is in the interest of public safety and public order, as well as protecting the rights and freedom of others,” Mr Kwok said.


He added: “We respect citizens' right to assembly and freedom of expression. Police are also duty-bound to preserve public peace, protect life and property. To prevent potential public danger arising from this proposed public event, we made this deliberate decision.


“The organiser has stated earlier today that they would cancel the public meeting and procession. We appeal to all members of the public not to participate in any unauthorised public events tomorrow.”


Mr Kwok warned those participating in unauthorised assemblies could face a maximum penalty of five years’ jail.


Police also pointed to a mistake circulated on the Internet that a Letter of No Objection is not required when organising public processions for religious purposes.


While police notification is legally required for those conducting religious public processions that include more than 30 participants, notification is not necessary when arranging religious-related public meetings.

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