Police object to Aug 31 rally

August 29, 2019

Police today objected to an application to hold public events on Hong Kong Island this Saturday.


Speaking to reporters at a press conference, Police Hong Kong Island Regional Commander Kwok Pak-chung explained the decision was made after a risk assessment.


“From our reliable intelligence, we reasonably believe that certain protesters will commit acts of violence during the gathering.


“Although a protest held by the same organiser was generally peaceful on August 18, we have noticed a lot of online comments to propagate the use of extreme violence in the coming protest.


“Some netizens even went to the extreme of promoting deadly violence.”


Noting that radical protesters had turned their extreme ideas into reality in the past, Mr Kwok said Police believe there is a very high chance that radical protesters would hijack the proposed public event.


He stressed the potential danger would be of grave concern to public safety.


“Police must take proactive steps to prevent such violence from repeating, as we are duty-bound to preserve public peace and to protect life and property.”


Mr Kwok noted Police are waiting for the Appeal Board on Public Meetings & Processions’ decision as the event organiser has filed an appeal.

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