Police decry all acts of violence

August 28, 2019

It is high time to stop all acts of violence and restore Hong Kong’s public safety and order, Police said today.


Speaking to reporters, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung explained that radical acts sprang up and spread out across various districts over the past two months.


“The escalation and extension of violence have caused widespread fear among the public.


“As we have pledged to all Hong Kong citizens, the Hong Kong Police take every case very seriously and have zero tolerance for all unlawful acts.


“We spend every effort to bring all offenders to justice.”


He stated that radical protesters are tearing society apart and tearing down the city’s core values including the rule of law.


Protesters first took to the streets to express their views in a peaceful manner, but later resorted to barricading major roads.


Mr Tse said: “Some intentionally blocked the Harbour Crossing and paralysed key transport facilities.


“In one instance, a large group of protesters randomly tied up (an) innocent visitor and beat him, shaming him publicly.


“Now we saw rioters throwing petrol bombs around on main roads, hitting civilians and reporters.”


Mr Tse noted that some protesters even started fires, shot metal balls with slingshots, and threw sharp sticks and metal poles at police officers.


“Reckless and ruthless, best describes their actions.”


Noting that local citizens always pride themselves on the city’s safety and rule of law, Mr Tse said now 31 countries have issued travel advisories against Hong Kong.


“Visitors are having second thoughts about coming to Hong Kong.


“It is high time to stop all acts of violence and restore Hong Kong’s public safety and order.”

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