Society hurt as protests surge

August 27, 2019

Police today stressed that more people are being affected by the surge and spread of protesters’ radical acts.


Speaking to reporters, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung said an increase in the intensity and extensity of protesters’ violence has been seen in protests over the past two months.


“Their radical acts have intensified and extended to various districts in Hong Kong.


“What began as genuinely peaceful protests in early June, gradually radicalised and descended into widespread and rampant violence across the city.”


He said more and more innocent victims are suffering at the hands of radical protesters.


“These innocent victims included civilians who passed by protest sites and the family members of the police officers.


“Also over the weekend, we saw rioters throwing a large number of self-made petrol bombs randomly in Tsuen Wan, hitting innocent civilians and reporters. The weapons they used were highly dangerous and in certain cases deadly.


“They also rampantly hurled bricks, metal posts, long sticks and all kinds of offensive weapons at our officers.”


He said damages to properties were also seen while traffic was paralysed with numerous barricades.


“Such indiscriminate use of extreme violence is a grave threat to Hong Kong's society, affecting more and more innocent victims.”


Mr Tse asserted the Police have zero tolerance for unlawful acts.


“I appeal to every member of the public not to rationalise or glorify the violence used by the protesters. The use of violence is never excusable,” he added.

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