Public urged to oppose violence

August 26, 2019

Police today called on members of the public to raise their voices against violence.


Speaking to reporters this afternoon, Police Assistant Commissioner (Operations) Mak Chin-ho said a lawful public order event in Tsuen Wan yesterday quickly turned violent and escalated to reckless destruction of properties and brutal attacks on police officers.


“We have seen an increase in the intensity and extent of violence used by protesters.


“Their radical acts have intensified, with more dangerous and sometimes deadly weapons used, including bricks, metal posts, long sticks and petrol bombs.


“These attacks are intentional, planned and organised. Not only do their acts put everyone on site in extreme danger, but they also threaten the everyday life of ordinary citizens. It’s a grave threat to public safety in Hong Kong.”


Mr Mak stressed Police have zero tolerance for all violent acts.


“Here in Hong Kong, we always take pride in our safety and rule of law.


“Please ask ourselves, is this the Hong Kong you would like to see? If you still remain silent and tolerate such radical acts, I appeal to you to raise your voice against violence and cut ties with all rioters.”

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