Violent protesters condemned

August 26, 2019

Police have severely condemned the law-breaking acts of extremely violent protesters yesterday, leading to the arrests of 36 people.


In a statement today, Police said they issued a letter of no objection for the public procession in Tsuen Wan. However, some extremely violent protesters deviated from the original route and obstructed roads, as well as vandalised shops and tunnel facilities.


They also hurled petrol bombs, bricks and miscellaneous objects at police officers.


At 3.35pm, some radical protesters blocked various roads in Tsuen Wan including Luen Yan Street, Yeung Uk Street and Texaco Road and set up barricades with water-filled barriers, bamboo sticks and other objects, paralysing traffic in Tsuen Wan.


They also aimed laser beams and hurled bricks, hard objects and petrol bombs at police officers.


In view of the escalating violence, Police issued warnings to appeal to the protesters to leave, but in vain.


At 5.30pm, police officers used appropriate force including deploying tear gas and two specialised crowd management vehicles to stop the protesters' violent acts.


At 7.40pm, a large group of extremely violent protesters vandalised shops and entertainment venues at Yi Pei Square, Tsuen Wan. The Emergency Unit of New Territories South was deployed to the scene.


The protesters hurled hard objects at police officers. Under attack, officers retreated while giving warnings. However, the protesters continued to attack and injured police officers.


Facing threats to their lives, six police officers withdrew pistols and stayed on guard while giving warnings to the protesters. To protect the safety of other police officers and himself, one of the officers fired a warning shot into the air.


The protesters later went to various locations including Sham Shui Po, Tsim Sha Tsui, Sha Tin and the Cross-Harbour Tunnel.


They aimed laser beams and hurled objects at police officers. They also vandalised facilities and set up barricades at the Cross-Harbour Tunnel to paralyse traffic.


Twenty-nine men and seven women aged 12 to 48 were arrested for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of an offensive weapon and assaulting police officers.


Police severely condemn the protesters' violence which disregarded law and order and overstepped the bottom line of a civilised society.


Only when there were violent acts or illegal behaviours which endangered the safety of people at the scene, would Police stop them by proportionate use of force to prevent the incidents from worsening.


Police appeal to the public to make a clean break from violent protesters and stay away from areas where there is violence.


The force also urges journalists to co-operate with police operations and pay attention to their own safety.

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