Police condemn radical protesters

August 25, 2019

Police strongly condemned protesters who breached the public peace yesterday.


In a statement, Police said it issued a letter of no objection for the public procession in Kwun Tong. However, some radical protesters deviated from their original route and obstructed roads, damaged lampposts and assaulted police officers.


Starting at 2pm, protesters paralysed traffic by setting up barricades along Wai Yip Street, Hoi Bun Road and Sheung Yuet Road in Kwun Tong.


Radical protesters posed a serious threat to pedestrians and drivers when they used electric saws to damage a number of smart lampposts on Sheung Yuet Road.


Protesters also hurled objects and petrol bombs at police officers, causing damage to police vehicles and injuring a reporter.


Around 8pm, protesters gathered in Wong Tai Sin and Sham Shui Po where they blocked a number of roads, aimed laser beams at officers and hurled objects at Police cordon lines. They also got into scuffles with others in Sham Shui Po.


Police stated it used appropriate force when dispersing protesters who refused to leave in Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Sham Shui Po.


Nineteen men and 10 women were arrested for offences including unlawful assembly, possession of offensive weapon and assaulting police officers.


Police strongly condemn protesters’ behaviour, adding that they respect people’s rights and freedom to express views and hold peaceful events. 


Police asserted it only uses proportionate force to prevent protesters from committing violent acts and breaching the public peace.


The Force appeals to protesters to remain rational and non-violent when participating in public events in order to maintain safety and order.

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