Violent acts condemned

August 24, 2019

The Government strongly condemned the vandalistic and violent acts of protesters in Kowloon today.


The Government said in a statement that some protesters deviated from the approved procession route and set up road barricades in Kowloon East and in Sham Shui Po, paralysing traffic and affecting emergency services.


The violent protesters also vandalised public properties, committed arson, hurled suspected petrol bombs and attacked officers with bricks, jeopardising the safety of the public and police.


The statement also noted a number of smart lampposts were damaged by protesters.


The Government stressed it has repeatedly clarified that smart lampposts do not carry the facial recognition function and would not infringe upon personal privacy. They only collect traffic and air quality data to foster smart city development.


However, irrational protesters disregarded the facts and deliberately vandalised the lampposts.


Police will strictly follow up on all illegal acts.


The Government urged protesters to stop the violence so that order can be restored as soon as possible.


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