Airport injunction extended

August 23, 2019

Police today said an injunction order has been extended at the Hong Kong International Airport and warned that anyone in breach of the order might be liable to contempt of court.


Police Kowloon East Senior Superintendent (Operations) Foo Yat-ting noted that some netizens are calling on others to carry out unlawful acts at the airport tomorrow.


She said: “The access control measures to the Passenger Terminal Building are still in place.


“Blocking roads connecting to the airport may constitute acts of unlawfully and willfully obstructing or interfering with the proper use of the airport.”


Ms Foo added the injunction covers the whole airport island and has been extended until trial or further court order.


“This injunction order prevents protesters from willfully obstructing and interfering with the use of this key infrastructure.


“Anyone in breach of the order is liable to the offence of contempt of court.”


Ms Foo also urged people to be peaceful and non-violent when expressing their views.

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