Police warn of cyberbullying

August 22, 2019

Police today warned the public not to disclose the personal data of others or post inciting remarks online.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung expressed concern that more than 1,600 police officers and their family members have been victimised.


“A large number of our officers and their families have their personal data unlawfully collected and leaked - a practice known as doxxing.


“The personal data leaked includes their ID card numbers, birthdates, telephone numbers, addresses and photos. Such data was disclosed on social media without the consent of our colleagues.


“They also suffered all sorts of harassment, including nuisance calls, verbal intimidation and even death threats. Some people misused our officers’ personal data to apply for loans.”


Radical comments that incite others to commit crimes were also found online, Mr Tse said.


“They include making explosives, starting fires, using slingshots, petrol bombs and other offensive weapons, to damage police premises, to hurt and even murder police officers and their families.


“I believe most Hong Kong people support peaceful and rational means of expression. We do not wish to see such hatred in the society.”


Mr Tse also cautioned about misleading information online.


“We understand with information explosion in this age, it is quite hard to tell what is real and what is fake.


“So I would like to stress the importance of fact-checking.”


He reminded the public to verify messages before forwarding them on social media.

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