Police condemn violent acts

August 22, 2019

Police today condemned violent and unlawful acts that occurred in Yuen Long last night.


Speaking at a press conference, Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung said the incident began with a peaceful sit-in protest inside the MTR Yuen Long Station, but later turned violent.


Some protesters set up barricades to block traffic on roads near the station and shined laser beams to provoke other people and police officers.


In the face of escalating violence, Police said it had no choice but to disperse the crowd after warnings to protesters fell on deaf ears.


During the operation, some radical protesters threw various objects from a footbridge onto officers below.


Police used pepper spray and one round of rubber slug to contain the situation.


Mr Tse said protesters then broke fire safety equipment inside the train station, sprayed fire extinguishers and blocked emergency exits.


“Such unlawful acts threatened the safety of everyone at the scene. During this violent incident, our officers were on alert outside the station.


“Police condemn all violent and unlawful acts. While we respect citizens' right to assembly and freedom of speech, we appeal to everyone to restore peaceful and orderly participation in public.”


Two men were arrested for unlawful assembly, Mr Tse added.


Regarding the violent incident on July 21, two of the arrested people have been charged with participating in a riot and will appear in Fanling Magistrates’ Courts tomorrow.

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