Public safety top priority: Police

August 21, 2019

Police are very concerned about public safety along pedestrian walkways where citizens have posted sticky notes on walls to express their views.


Police Public Relations Branch Chief Superintendent Tse Chun-chung told reporters at a press conference today that there are multiple occasions where assaults and fighting occurred at those places.


“Between June and August 20, there were 57 relevant cases at such locations, involving 47 arrested people.


“They were arrested mainly for criminal damage, fighting in a public place, common assault, and possession of offensive weapons.


Mr Tse emphasised that Police are impartial in carrying out their duties.


“We will not consider one's background, social status or political stance.


“While we respect citizens' freedom of speech, we appeal to everyone to adopt a lawful and peaceful means of expression.


“Police will bring all those who break the law to justice regardless of their background.”

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