Absentees' data won't be collected

August 20, 2019

Secretary for Education Kevin Yeung said the Education Bureau will not collect the names of teachers or students who participate in a proposed class boycott when the new school year commences.


Speaking at a press conference today, Mr Yeung said the bureau believes the schools will be able to manage.


“We do not exactly know how many students or teachers will participate in the so-called class boycott actions, but I think at this stage, we still believe the schools will be able to manage.


“But in case on that particular day or on certain days some schools find it difficult to cope with some special events happening in the school, they can always call our colleagues and we will provide support to help them handle the situation.


“And we will not collect individual names for teachers or students who are not present on particular days at school.


"We believe the school already has a mechanism in place to handle absent students or absent teachers. As to whether there will be consequences, I think we will leave it to the schools to handle according to their established procedures.”

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