Police explain SMS intentions

August 19, 2019

The Police do not collect any personal data and are not able to track mobile users’ location when sending mass text messages to the public concerning public order events.


Chief Superintendent of Police Public Relations Branch Tse Chun-chung made the clarification at a press conference today.


He explained the Police sent a mass SMS message to the public yesterday to give them a heads-up about an upcoming public order event on Hong Kong Island.


“Given a large number of mobile users, the time it takes to deliver the message varied.


“I must emphasise, the Police do not collect any personal data and are not able to check the location of mobile users with this new measure.


“No matter where you receive the SMS, in Hong Kong or overseas, there is no charge at all.”


Mr Tse said citizens may also obtain latest alerts from the Police’s social media platforms and government announcements.


Furthermore, the Police said they are aware that some netizens are promoting another public order event at the Hong Kong International Airport on August 24.


Mr Tse urged protesters not to disturb the lives of ordinary citizens and visitors.


Regarding the public order events over the weekend in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island, Mr Tse said although a small portion of protesters committed a breach of the peace, the vast majority of them were peaceful.


He further stated the gathering that took place on Sunday shows if protesters are peaceful, rational and orderly, the Police will not intervene.


“If protesters don’t use violence, the Police will not use force,” Mr Tse stressed.

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