Respect airport injunction: Police

August 16, 2019

The Police today called on the public to respect the injunction order in effect at the Hong Kong International Airport.


Police said it noticed that some netizens had made appeals to protest in the airport during the weekend.


“Police would like to reiterate that the Airport Authority has already obtained an injunction order on August 14 and implemented additional access control arrangements,” Police Kowloon City District Commander Yeung Man-pun said during a press conference.


“Any person who endangers the safe operation of the aerodrome or the safety of persons in the aerodrome by act of violence is liable to life imprisonment.


“Any person who neglects to abide by or neglects to follow the interim injunction order, or any person who assists others in disobeying the interim injunction order may be held in contempt of court.”


Mr Yeung appealed to the public to respect the injunction order and not to violate any laws.

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