Police search rumour clarified

August 16, 2019

The Police today dismissed an online rumour which alleged that a female detainee was requested to get naked in front of male officers for a police search.


Speaking at a press conference in the afternoon, Police Kowloon City District Commander Yeung Man-pun said the rumour is totally unfounded and malicious.


He said: “I must emphasise Police have strict guidelines regarding the arrest and search of a person of the opposite sex. All searches by Police can only be performed by an officer of the same sex, especially if the removal of clothing is required.


“Notices to persons in police custody or involved in police inquiries and important notices for persons to be searched in custody are affixed in prominent positions in police stations.


“All detainees will be informed and explained of their rights properly. Besides, all complaints against Police could be channelled through the established mechanism for complaints.”


Mr Yeung added that the Complaints Against Police Office has not received such an allegation.


He reiterated that the Police always respect detainees’ privacy and dignity.

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