Injunction application explained

August 14, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan today said an injunction was sought to ensure the Hong Kong International Airport would not be affected by protests.


Speaking at a press conference in the afternoon, Mr Chan said airport operations were affected on Monday and Tuesday because of demonstrations.


“I would say for most of the Hong Kong citizens, if they are rational, then you would appreciate that the Airport Authority’s application for injunction is compelled by what had happened in the last two days.


“We have no choice but to go that way, to ensure that the airport wouldn’t be affected anymore and to ensure that the economy and the future of Hong Kong would not be jeopardised by such occurrences in future.”


Mr Chan added the Government and the authority have been making every endeavour to ensure the airport's smooth operation while facilitating peaceful demonstrations there.


He also called on Hong Kong citizens to safeguard the city’s rule of law.

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