HKIA shut over safety concerns

August 12, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)

Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan today said the decision to suspend operations at Hong Kong International Airport was made due to concerns over aviation safety and the safety of passengers and airport staff.


Speaking at an afternoon press conference, Mr Chan said protesters caused traffic chaos by driving to the airport and blocking roads.


“And more importantly it’s about aviation safety, personal safety of the passengers and all staff members who work in the airport. And these are the reasons why we have to suspend the operation of the Hong Kong International Airport,” he added.


He said airport operations have rarely been suspended.


“The Hong Kong International Airport has been operating since 1998, so in the past 21 years, the airport was only suspended for reasons of typhoon, and if I don’t remember wrong, the other occasion was due to a collision of a vessel with the bridge.


“And so, the incident today is obviously an act with the deliberation to disrupt normal airport operations.”


He added the protesters have harmed Hong Kong's reputation.


“We don’t want to suspend it, but Hong Kong International Airport is one of the safest airports, one of the most efficient airports, and what had been done today has seriously harmed the reputation of Hong Kong, as well as the Hong Kong International Airport.”


Mr Chan appealed to those demonstrating in the airport to leave so that operations can be resumed as soon as possible.

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