Restoring order a top priority: CS

August 6, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung today said restoring law and order in Hong Kong is the Government’s top priority, following recent violent protests.


Speaking at an inter-departmental press conference this afternoon, Mr Cheung noted some participants of yesterday’s protests had acted illegally.


He said protesters initially blocked roads and damaged traffic lights. Their illegal acts escalated to attacks on police stations and vehicles.


“I think the prime task now is not to dwell on other policies but to really put Hong Kong back on an even keel, particularly (to) make sure that law and order is here, to stay.


“If we are not living in safety, living in panic, it’s not the answer to the present situation. So we all agree that we should restore law and order first, first and foremost.”


Regarding the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance issue, Mr Cheung said the bill exercise is not on the Government’s agenda.


“We have actually put a complete full stop to the fugitive offenders bill exercise.


“The whole thing is now really out of the agenda. You don’t have to worry because it is a complete full stop.


“As the Chief Executive time and again repeated that politically there is no way that it can be revived. So people can rest assured that this is not an issue that we should be concerned about.”


A total of 70 traffic lights were still inoperative as of 2.30pm.


The Transport Department called on drivers to exercise care when driving.

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