Gov’t responds to traffic situation

August 5, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Secretary for Transport & Housing Frank Chan today said the Government has been taking very proactive actions to mitigate the effect of protests on public transport.


Mr Chan made the remarks at an inter-departmental press conference this afternoon and said the Government is not downplaying the events that took place across the city today.


“We have been taking very proactive actions to mitigate and to relieve those pressure points and make sure the public transport and interests of the public are being protected as much as we can."


The Transport Department said 15 roads, the Cross-Harbour Tunnel, Eastern Harbour Tunnel and Lion Rock Tunnel had once been blocked, and 70 bus services needed to be re-routed or suspended, along with eight Mass Transit Railway lines seriously affected.


Regarding the Hong Kong International Airport, Mr Chan said the Government has taken actions to maintain operational smoothness.


“As far as the air traffic in the Hong Kong International Airport is concerned, we have been making our best endeavour to maintain operational smoothness within the international airport, and so far the operation in the airport has been smooth.”


The Civil Aviation Department said a contingency plan was put in place at the airport, adding that as of 2pm, 465 flights had been handled, while 77 flights were cancelled.


The transport chief also called on people to refrain from violence.


“At this difficult time, there is a need for every one of us in Hong Kong to set aside differences and say no to violence before we can restart.”


The Fire Services Department said road blockages from recent protests had affected its emergency services.


It added the hurling of petrol bombs and arson during these public order events were also fire hazards.

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