11 arrested in weapon seizures

August 2, 2019

Police today condemned violent acts concerning two cases in Sha Tin and Tin Shui Wai where 11 people were arrested during the seizure of unlicensed explosives and other weapons.


In the Sha Tin case, officers found some suspicious individuals while handling a burglary in an industrial building in Au Pui Wan Street on August 1.


Upon investigation, Police arrested eight persons, aged between 24 and 31.


They are suspected of possessing offensive weapon or explosives without a licence and other charges.


After that, a group of protesters gathered and besieged Sha Tin and Ma On Shan Police Stations, requesting to release the arrested. They also damaged facilities there.


The two cases of besieging Police stations are classified as criminal damage. The protesters who participated were also involved in illegal assembly.


Sha Tin District Crime Squad is investigating the cases.


For the operation in Tin Shui Wai, officers arrested three people, including a man and two women for possession of explosives without a licence in Tin Shui Estate.


Officers seized about 30 pieces of smoke grenades and about $500,000 cash.


Police Organised Crime & Triad Bureau Senior Superintendent Li Kwai-wah said the items seized may be related to the public order events in recent weeks.


“The thing we worry about is the smoke bomb we found inside the premises. Also we found some of the equipment, apparatus and some of the ingredients which can make another smoke bomb.


“According to our observation and the testimonial of the officers involved in the previous violent incidents, these kinds of things have really been used to attack our officers. So we think that may be correlated to the previous incidents.


“Of course at this stage we have no idea whether the arrested persons were ever involved in the previous violent incidents. But this is one of the investigation directions we are heading to.”


Police noticed online discussions advocating the escalation of violence, with some promoting lethal ways to assault police officers.


The force condemns such acts, adding that it will spare no effort to investigate and bring offenders to justice. 


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