CS urges peaceful participation

July 26, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung today called on people planning to go to Yuen Long on July 27 to express their views in a peaceful and orderly manner.


Speaking to the media in the afternoon, Mr Cheung said the Police yesterday objected to an application to hold a protest in Yuen Long.


He said: “The Police have already explained clearly yesterday the reasons why they object to the application, primarily it is on safety grounds and also in light of the local circumstances.


“There is no question of succumbing to any pressure at all. It's always in the public interest and overall safety of Hong Kong residents, particularly people living in Yuen Long. As you can see, Heung Yee Kuk and the District Council also expressed grave concern over the situation.”


Regarding an appeal against the Police’s decision, Mr Cheung said the Government is taking a serious attitude towards tomorrow’s developments, irrespective of the appeal’s outcome.


“We can’t rule out the possibility of a large number of people turning up. If the appeal board upholds the decision of the Police, then the procession will not be lawful. So I just remind participants to take this fully into account and also their own safety is very important."


Mr Cheung also noted that there are calls to set up a commission of inquiry.


“We believe that it’s better at this stage to pursue the idea through the existing mechanism of the Independent Police Complaints Council.


“I must say that we are fully aware of the public sentiments, a very strong body of opinion in the public sector urging the Government to establish a commission.


“So we are engaged now, if I put it rightly, in a reflective process on the whole issue, but our position has been explained clearly that we believe it’s better to be done through the existing mechanism.”

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