Police will not tolerate violence

July 22, 2019

(To watch the video with sign language interpretation, click here.)


The Police will not tolerate any violence and will bring the offenders to justice, Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said today.


Joining the Chief Executive at a media briefing, Mr Lo noted that during the incident in Yuen Long last night, some people had attacked commuters in Yuen Long MTR Station resulting in multiple injuries.


He said: “Since June 9, I think every citizen within the community noted there was a series of violent confrontations during the public processions or public meetings, and definitely our manpower is stretched.


“Because every time there is a major event which may lead to a violent confrontation, we have to redeploy some of my manpower from various districts to Hong Kong Island, so that I can ensure sufficient manpower to deal with this incident.”


The police chief echoed statements by the Chief Executive and the Secretary for Security saying that “violence will only breed more violence” and urged young people to voice their opinions in a peaceful manner.


“Because what they are doing is at the cost of the whole community, I really do not want to see what happened in Yuen Long happen again. We will review our manpower deployment and do our best to ensure the public order and public safety of every district in Hong Kong.”


On the closure of the police stations last night, Mr Lo noted: “At that time there were big groups of protesters surrounding the police station or even besieging the police station, so because of the reason of safety, they have to close the gate.”


He added that people could still file a report to police through dialling 999 or other means.


“We received the call and responded to the scene already, and only because we have to redeploy manpower from other districts that is why the time taken was a little bit longer.”


The police chief also made it clear that the force will not tolerate any violence.


“We will pursue at all costs to bring the offenders to justice,” he said.

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