Hospital licence applications set

June 28, 2019

Applications for hospital licences under the Private Healthcare Facilities Ordinance will be accepted from July 2, the Department of Health announced today.


The Director of Health also issued the Code of Practice for Private Hospitals, which will also take effect on July 2.


Operators of existing private hospitals regulated under the Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Maternity Homes Registration Ordinance may apply for hospital licences from July 2 to December 31. This includes nursing homes listed in Schedule 10 under the new ordinance.


New private hospitals which are not yet in operation, may also apply starting July 2.


Hospital licences issued under the new ordinance will take effect January 1, 2021.


Applications for licences for day procedure centres will be accepted from January 2020, while dates to accept licence applications for clinics and health services establishments will be announced later.


Click here for more details of hospital licence applications.


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