CE meets police staff groups

June 27, 2019
Morale boost
Morale boost:

Chief Executive Carrie Lam (third right) meets four Police Force Council Staff Associations’ chairmen and vice-chairmen at Government House.

Chief Executive Carrie Lam met the chairmen and vice-chairmen of four Police Force Council Staff Associations at Government House today.


They include the Superintendents' Association, the Hong Kong Police Inspectors' Association, the Overseas Inspectors' Association and the Junior Police Officers' Association.


Mrs Lam thanked members of the force for fulfilling their duties with dedication during the disputes and clashes in society caused by the legislative amendment exercise, striking a balance between the public's freedom of expression and social order, and maintaining law and order in Hong Kong.


The Chief Executive said she understands members of the force and their family members have been put under pressure.


Noting a small number of people even provoked the Police intentionally, she said it is not acceptable.


Mrs Lam praised the force for its distinguished professionalism and restraint all along during this difficult time, carrying out law enforcement impartially against illegal activities and continuing to serve the community.


The Chief Executive added that she and her governing team will continue to give their full support for the force.


Secretary for Security John Lee and Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo also attended the meeting.


In the past few days, Mrs Lam met representatives of the education and religious sectors, senior civil servants and members of other sectors at Government House to discuss the current social situation.


She also met a number of foreign consuls and representatives to explain to them the latest situation.

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