Police complaints probe impartial

June 19, 2019

The investigation into complaints against the Police will be thorough and impartial, and it will be submitted to the Independent Police Complaints Council for scrutiny.


Secretary for Security John Lee made the statement today when reporters asked about complaints regarding the Police's operation during the June 12 public order event.


Mr Lee said the Complaints Against Police Office (CAPO) has been investigating complaints of different natures and taken all factors into consideration.


“The CAPO system has been used in a lot of similar circumstances, so I will ask every one of you to give CAPO the opportunity to make the investigation, so that they can take into account all the circumstances and facts including information that they may gather from sources, such as the Internet and any person who may provide information to them.”


Chief Executive Carrie Lam yesterday apologised to Hong Kong people for what she described as deficiencies in the Government’s work over the fugitive law amendment exercise.


Mr Lee today followed suit and also apologised for the inadequacy of the Government’s work on the bill.


“The Chief Executive has indicated that in the coming year we shall have a lot of things that we want to take action into for different areas - to improve livelihood, to create opportunities for development, to do more for the economy.


“So there will be a long list of things that the Government will take into consideration seriously for the progress of Hong Kong,” he added.

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