CE apologises to HK

June 18, 2019

Chief Executive Carrie Lam has apologised to Hong Kong people for what she described as deficiencies in the Government’s work over the fugitive law amendment exercise, that has led to controversies, disputes and anxieties in society.


Meeting the media today, Mrs Lam said: “During large-scale public processions over the past two Sundays, people have expressed in a peaceful and rational manner their concerns about the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance and their dissatisfaction and disappointment with the Government - especially me.


“I have heard you loud and clear, and have reflected deeply on all that has transpired."

Mrs Lam acknowledged deficiencies in the work of the SAR Government over the amendment exercise had caused concerns over the past few months. 


“I personally have to shoulder much of the responsibility. This has led to controversies, disputes and anxieties in society. For this I offer my most sincere apology to all people of Hong Kong.”


She added that she was saddened to see that some procession participants, Police officers and media workers were injured in the conflicts.


Mrs Lam said she understood the feelings of the people who took to the streets, and the incident has helped her realise that she needs to do more.


“To those young people who participated peacefully to express their views, let me say I understand you expect your Chief Executive to listen to different voices, and to respect and care for young people.


“I know that we all want Hong Kong to be a caring and well-governed society with hope. I know you have different concerns and views about social issues, yet we share the same passion for Hong Kong. This incident has led me to realise that I need to do more.


“I have never spared any effort to serve the public, but this incident has made me realise, as the Chief Executive, I have still got much to learn and do in better balancing diverse interest, in listening more to all walks of life, in taking our society forward."

Mrs Lam also expressed hope that the injured can fully recover soon, and the rift in society could be quickly mended.


“Hong Kong is our home. It is only by walking together as one community and by staying closely connected that we can bring hope for Hong Kong.”

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