11 arrested over Admiralty riot

June 13, 2019

Police have arrested 11 people in connection with the riot that broke out in the Admiralty area on June 12, Commissioner of Police Stephen Lo said today.


Speaking at a press conference, Mr Lo said police officers at the scene had no choice but to escalate the use of force.


“It is obvious that they acted violently in an organised manner.


“At one location, police officers retreated to the drum area of the Legislative Council at the corner where we had no choice but to escalate the use of force to disperse the crowd with the view to protecting the personal safety of our colleagues and other civilian staff inside the premises."


Mr Lo noted the protesters’ violent behaviour posed a serious threat to public order.


The 11 people were arrested for disorderly conduct in public place, unlawful assembly, assaulting police officers and other riot-related crimes.


Mr Lo also said 22 police officers sustained injuries.


“We hence strongly condemn the violent behaviour of the rioters.”


The police commissioner called on the public to conduct public meetings and processions in a peaceful and orderly manner.


He added the force will conduct a review of yesterday’s operation.

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