Police condemns violent acts

June 12, 2019

Police strongly condemned protesters’ violent acts in Admiralty today and urged the public not to go to the area.


At about 8am, a large number of protesters gathering around Legislative Council Complex suddenly dashed to Lung Wo Road and Harcourt Road. 


Police said protesters set up multiple layers of barriers on the roads. They lifted up bricks from the pavement and demolished railings to form road barriers. 


They blocked and occupied roads around Admiralty including Lung Wo Road, Tim Mei Avenue, Harcourt Road and Gloucester Road, causing severe traffic congestion. 


They also used violent measures to storm the Legislative Council Complex, it added. 


Protesters repeatedly charged cordon lines and performed life threatening acts including setting fire and using sharpened iron poles and bricks to attack police officers at the scene. 


Police escalated the use of force after repeated warnings were ignored. 


The force strongly condemned these violent acts and urged protesters gathering in Admiralty and Central to stop charging police cordon lines immediately and leave as soon as possible. 


It reiterated that any acts endangering public order and safety will not be tolerated, adding the force will take resolute actions to restore social order and protect public safety.

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