Pre-typhoon exercise held

May 30, 2019
Well prepared
Well prepared:

The inter-departmental tabletop exercise simulates a super typhoon scenario to test the Government’s typhoon preparedness.

The Security Bureau today held an inter-departmental tabletop exercise to test the Government’s preparedness, response and recovery capabilities for typhoons.


The exercise simulated a super typhoon scenario at the Emergency Monitoring & Support Centre at the Central Government Offices.


Officers from more than 30 bureaus, departments and external parties involved in the handling of natural disasters participated in the exercise.


It aimed to try out new initiatives and arrangements following a review concluded by the Government earlier on the handling of super typhoons.


These included the activation of a new steering committee to be chaired by the Chief Secretary, and new work arrangements after a Typhoon Signal No. 8 is cancelled in exceptional cases.


A variety of spin-off scenarios were added to test the co-ordination, contingency measures and capabilities of the participating bureaus and departments.   


The drill also tested the decision-making process and interoperability of relevant bureaus and departments.


The Security Bureau said the Government will assess the exercise outcome to enhance awareness and co-ordination in contingency handling.

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