New tool boosts mosquito control

April 19, 2019

A new piece of equipment is helping the Food & Environmental Hygiene Department to enhance its mosquito control measures. If the mosquito trapping device is effective, the department will extend its use to suitable areas across the city.


It has completed laboratory tests and will choose several suitable environments to conduct field tests.


The department's Pest Control Officer-in-charge Lee Ming-wai said the new mosquito trapping device can prevent larvae from developing into adult mosquitoes.


“There are two kinds of pesticide we add into the water. The first one is an insect growth regulator and the other one is actually a fungus. So the function of the insect growth regulator is to control the larval stage of the mosquito which prevents the larvae from hatching into adults.


“When the mosquito leaves the trap and accesses another water body to try to lay eggs it will carry the insect growth regulator and contaminate the water body, and at the same time, the fungus will grow inside the adult insect and take a couple of days to kill the adult mosquito.”


Mr Lee added that 29 local Dengue fever cases were recorded in 2018 and Hong Kong must remain vigilant this year.


The department has begun strengthening prevention and control work targeting mosquito breeding sites ahead of the rainy season to reduce the spread of Dengue fever.


Other government departments this week also commenced All-out Anti-mosquito Operations.  

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