Anti-mosquito operation starts

April 15, 2019

The Government today began the All-out Anti-mosquito Operation to eradicate adult mosquitoes until the end of the rainy season.


The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department said the operation's major anti-mosquito measures include fogging in the scrubby areas within a 100-metre radius around residences weekly; carrying out inspections, removing stagnant water, applying insecticide and disposing of abandoned water containers weekly; and grass trimming.


In light of the 29 local dengue fever cases recorded last year and a warmer and wetter spring this year which is conducive to large-scale mosquito breeding, the relevant government departments have enhanced co-operation to eliminate potential breeding places for mosquitoes ahead of the rainy season.


The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department today also started the second phase of its Anti-mosquito Campaign which will run until June 14.


Mosquito prevention and control work and publicity will be stepped up at target areas such as public markets, single-block buildings, streets and back lanes, village houses and construction sites.


Meanwhile, the monthly ovitrap index for the Aedes albopictus mosquito rose to 1.1% in March from 0.1% in February.


Among the 57 areas surveyed last month, positive ovitrap indices were recorded in 28 areas, ranging from 0.8% to 6.6%, with Cheung Chau ranked the highest.


For port areas, the monthly index rose slightly to 0.01% from zero in February.


The department reminded the public to carry out mosquito control measures early before the rainy season.


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