New measles case confirmed

March 24, 2019

The Centre for Health Protection is investigating a new case of measles infection involving a 27-year-old man.


He developed fever on March 19 and rash on the following day.


The patient had no travel history during the communicable period but had travelled to Japan during the incubation period.


His home contact has remained asymptomatic and is under medical surveillance.


Regarding the case involving a 41-year-old man working for an airline, the centre said the patient had been on Cathay Pacific Airways flights to Hong Kong, Manila, Singapore and Bangkok during the communicable period.


The centre is also investigating the outbreak of measles which involved three people working at the Hong Kong International Airport.


As of noon today, 163 people have received measles shots at the vaccination station set up at the airport since March 23.


Click here for more information, or call 2125 1122 for enquiries.

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