Up to 7 typhoons forecast

March 21, 2019

Hong Kong Observatory Director Shun Chi-ming expected four to seven tropical cyclones will hit Hong Kong this year.


Presenting the weather outlook at a press conference today, Mr Shun said this year will likely be one of the hottest years on record due to climate change.


“Under the effect of El Niño, normally an El Niño year will mean that globally, the temperatures will be towards the high side. Therefore we expect that the chance of us getting to the top 10 warmest year will be quite likely, or even reaching the top five.”


He said the annual rainfall is expected to range from 2,100mm to 2,900mm.


“We consider that the number of tropical cyclones affecting Hong Kong or getting within 500km of Hong Kong is still in a normal range. But for the rainfall, we expect that the rainfall will be normal to above normal as we are already experiencing more rainfall this spring, due to the El Niño effect."


Reviewing last year’s weather, Mr Shun noted Hong Kong experienced its warmest winter since records began, with the mean temperature reaching 19.1 degrees Celsius.


There were only three days when the temperature fell below 12 degrees Celsius, and 36 days when the very hot weather warning was issued, he said, adding the continuous trend of climate change warrants public attention.


On weather information dissemination, Mr Shun said a new interactive webage Earth Weather was launched today, featuring forecast weather charts from computer models.


The observatory’s website was also enhanced, carrying real-time wind direction and wind speed information from the automatic weather stations at North Point, Central Piers and Lamma Island.


Mr Shun said the Greater Pearl River Delta Weather website will be upgraded to offer weather forecast and warning information covering longer periods with greater detail.

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