No change for one-way permits

March 20, 2019

The Government does not intend to change the existing 150 daily quota of the One-way Permit Scheme, Secretary for Security John Lee said today.


Answering lawmakers’ questions on whether the Government will consider reducing the quota in a gradual and orderly manner, Mr Lee said the 150 daily quota is the upper limit and it might not necessarily be used up.


He said the Mainland authorities issue permits in accordance with the actual number of eligible applications submitted.


In the past two years, the average daily numbers of Mainland residents coming to Hong Kong on the permits were 129 and 116.


Mr Lee said the figures indicated that in processing the applications Mainland authorities have strictly followed the eligibility points laid down in the vetting guidelines and have had regard to the actual number of applications.


He noted that cross-boundary marriages now make up about one-third of locally registered marriages and there is no sign of a decline in trend in the long run.


Plus, Mainland spouses are required to wait at least four years before becoming eligible to come to stay in Hong Kong at present.


There is a continued need for the scheme to allow separated spouses and their Mainland-born children to come to Hong Kong for family reunion, Mr Lee added.

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