FS explains law change

March 9, 2019

Financial Secretary Paul Chan today explained the proposed amendments to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance.


Speaking to reporters after a radio programme today, Mr Chan said he had heard the concerns raised by the business community regarding the proposed arrangement on extradition.


He said: “Firstly, the reason or the justification for the extradition must be an act that is considered to be criminal in both Hong Kong and the jurisdiction where this act has been committed. That is, it must be criminal in nature in both jurisdictions.


“Secondly, the court in Hong Kong will be the gatekeeper as there will be a court procedure in deciding whether the extradition is allowed. And there is full right of appeal for the individual concerned.”


He added Secretary for Security John Lee will further explain the proposal to remove any misunderstanding.


“He is in the process of collating views and suggestions. These concerns surely will be brought to his attention. In taking the matter forward, he will give these concerns due consideration,” Mr Chan said.

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